Sublimation print

Sublimation printing is dedicated to the highest quality printing photo prints, among others. The principle of operation is the sublimation or the transition from the solid phase material in the gas without the liquid phase.

The dye is placed on a special three-colored tape usually an extra layer of protection CMYO. The dye is heated locally and passes from the solid phase and gas settles on paper.

We have a printable area of 160cm width and length without restrictions …

We are working on Mimaki JV33 and Kalander Monti Antonio 75 T

Inks, we use: Sensient Elvajet

Advantages of sublimation printing:


  • excellent image quality (photo, incomparable better than inkjet)
  • no pixels / points (application method causes a lack of pigment print raster structure)
  • precisely control the hue of each point by the change and the duration of the transfer. This allows for a 24-bit color for each pixel
  • durability
  • waterproof

We have performed already:


  • Sports T-shirts and shorts, including specialized, dedicated to specific sports such as football, rugby, wrestling, dancing, jogging outfits
  • printed lining for jackets
  • sublimation pillows, beddin
  • clothing and accessories
  • banners, flags, winders
  • towels, tablecloths
  • windbreaks, beach chairs, umbrellas