Jacquard woven

We are creating jacquard woven labels for all kinds of products including to: apparel, clothing, footwear, leather goods, milliner, haberdashery, underwear, bedding, towels etc.

By using a variety of techniques can be mapped on woven even the most coplicated logos.

Wovens may be:


  • Half-pressed or at the ends
  • Pressed in the form of a hanger or asymmetric
  • Taped with adhesive tape and thermoadhesive










We offer:

  • graphical design development
  • program of weaving develope
  • art consulting
  • fixed pricing
  • high and stable level of service (which we differ from the majority of our competitors)
  • the possibility to obtain a wide range of discounts
  • proven European high quality

We also offer emblems on rigid backing, embroidered or overlock stitched.


In our sales, we have thousands of projects based on corporate inserts, dimensional and beauty (laundering regulations, the raw material), decorative tapes.

We offer assistance in the design of inserts and labels, logos and the labeling of the right, according to the Polish and international standards.


Our woven yarn are made from the highest quality materials, we have all the colors and metallised or polyester yarns.